Website : 

  • The most obvious channel is of course the Netflix website. The most well-known website is the one the content streaming customers use. Another less well-known (and more old-fashioned) website they have is the website where people can order DVDs that are then delivered by mail. This website can only be accessed in the USA.

IOS Apps : 

  • Besides using the original website, both DVD customers and content streaming users can use an APP that offers them the same features as the website.

Content Hubs & Video game consoles :

  • Today, it is also possible for content streaming users to stream content using their videogame consoles or content hubs (For example; Apple TV).

Mail & E-mail :

  • Another channel is than of course mail. Once the DVD customers have ordered a DVD, it has to be brought to their houses via mail.

The newsletter :

  • There is also the weekly newsletter that highlights the newest and greatest content titles added to Netflix USA, as well as other countries around the world.