Customer Segments

DVD Customers in USA :                                                                                                                                                    14627716_10208782322449226_1647880991_n-1

This is he customer Netflix has had from its start back in 1997. One of the founders came up with the idea of creating this business when he had to pay a $ 40 fee because he returned late his rented movie Apollo 13. People can order DVDs and receive them by post, in a red envelop. After watching the movie, they send it back. Customers just have to pay a certain fee and can order as many DVDs as they want (the number of DVDs you can have at a certain moment in time depends on the type a subscription you have). Today, this DVD-ordering system only works in the USA.

Streaming content Customers ( mass & niche ) : mol

Netflix understood the digitalization trend and allowed its customers in 2007 to stream content. Within this segment, we can identify 2 broad segments: a mass market and a niche market. The niche segment looks for very specific content that is hard to find elsewhere. The mass market watches the more mainstream content. Both segments pay a fee which allows them to watch as much content as they want. According to the amount they pay, they can watch on 2, 3, 4 or more screens at the same time (TV, laptop, tablet…).


Brands: product placement : image1ul

companies that use product placement. In 2013, Netflix moved into the film and television industry, with its first series being House of Cards, which debuted in the same year.  They made also other series such as the well-known Orange Is The New Black series. In these productions, companies can make appear their products in a subtle way, a phenomenon called ‘product placement’.