Key activities


  • Processing DVD orders  : In collaboration with the US post office, Netflix provides next-day delivery, but sometimes it can take up to three days.
  • Streaming digital content : Once they have a license to distribute content they must put it in the website and make it available to consumers.
  • Producing Digital content :  Netflix produces their own original series, documentaries and movies. 5.5 billion dollars will be spent in 2016.
  • Customer viewing suggestions :  Viewers have suggested content based on their previous TV show, movie or documentary preference. If the viewer watches more content the recommendations become better. Recommendations also improve with the five star rating system.
  • Technology development  :  The Netflix infrastructure must be able to handle user traffic from all over the world.   Using code they build a cloud to provide Netflix´s content.
  • Content Licensing :  In order to legally distribute and reproduce content from several producers.
  • New customer acquisition :  Marketing expenses grow year over year in order to increase the number of subscribers.   =>  It is considered that every year around 33% subscriptions increase (2015).