Value Propositions


I can order as many DVDs as I want when I pay a certain fee.14627716_10208782322449226_1647880991_n-1

I choose the DVDs I want to see online and they are delivered at my house.

I also don’t have to pay fees when I return my DVD late, which is not the case when I rent a DVD in the ‘traditional way’.

molI can stream as much content as I want when I pay a certain fee.

The higher the fee I pay, the more devices I can watch streaming content on at the same time.

On top of that, everything I watch is without advertisements, and I can even watch exclusive content (For example; House of Cards, Orange is the new black).

If I want, I can look for very special content that is difficult to find elsewhere.


I can raise awareness of my brand in a subtle way. Customers of Netflix are exposed to my brands in a subtle way thanks to product placements in Netflix’s productions (such as House of Cards).image1ul